Repair Kits Kite Pinhole Patch Kit
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In Stock: 68 again brings you the latest and greatest kit to keep you kiting longer. This Pinhole patch kit includes 3 different materials for patching any part of your kite! Tear Aid patches that cover a multitude of repairs and are used mainly for pinhole leaks in bladders. Dacron patches for covering scrapes and pinholes in the Leading edge or struts. Ripstop sail tape to repair a slice or tear on your sail. You can find so many uses for this kit it will blow your mind!  All patches ...
Your Price: : $11.95 Kite Repair Fix-Kit
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The kite repair kite by includes everything you need to do an emergency repair.  This kit is essential for any kiteboard trip, with small amounts of a variety of repair tapes.
Your Price: : $12.00 ER Fix Repair Kit
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The ER Fix Repair Kit is a kiter's essential and an absolute no brainer to have in your bag. There is no excuse not to have this kit, because it has all the essentials for quick emergency repairs. Eliminate excuses and stay on the water with this fix kit.
Your Price: : $54.95 Travel Fix Repair Kit
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The FixMyKite Travel Fix-Kit includes just about everything you need to fix your kite, lines, harness, board, and footstraps. All packaged neatly in a nice travel case so you are ready to go on your next kite adventure.
Your Price: : $99.95
Aquaseal Repair Adhesive
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Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant. The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all water sports products. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. Hundreds of watersports and household uses. 
Your Price: : $8.95
Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch
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Previously known as Iron Mend, the Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch can fix rips, holes and tears on anything made of neoprene to provide strong, flexible, permanent repairs. Tenacious Tape may be used to repair neoprene dry suits, wet suits, waders, neoprene gloves and boots, orthopedic supports, and lycra body suits. The Tenacious Tape increases garment life and the stretch fabric allows flexibility and comfort.
Your Price: : $12.50
Kitefix GluFix Adhesive
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Glufix is the only adhesive specially conceived for kitesurfing equipment. Ultra resistant and flexible, Glufix will allow you to make permanent and durable repairs on your kitesurf equipment. Used with Fiberfix, one Glufix tube can allow you to repair a tear as long as 4’ long! 
Your Price: : $14.49
KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit
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KiteFix’s best Seller! This all in one repair package contains all you need to make permanent repairs. Hand assembled in Canada with high quality products, KiteFix’s repair kit is a must to be added to your kite kit.
Your Price: : $54.99
KiteFix Mini Repair Kit
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The mini-kit is our compact and economical package. Includes: 1 Glufix tube (1 oz.), 2 self-adhesive dacron stripes (black & white, 12’’), 1 Fiberfix tape (4’), bladder ultra-adhesive patches (3’’x3 ½”), 1 Glufix applicator, 1 detailed user’s guide, 1 brush, 1 KiteFix sticker. 
Your Price: : $28.99
Kitefix Ripstop Repair / Refill Kit
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Got a tear in your canopy? The KiteFix Ripstop Repair kit has everything you need to fix a ripstop tear up to 48" with color matching. Already have the Kitefix Complete Kit and simply need more GluFix and FiberFix? Buy them together in this kit and save money.
Your Price: : $22.99
Kitefix FiberFix
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Fiberfix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with Glufix. This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, esthetic repair in a record time, you simply have to join the 2 parts of a tear together with the Fiberfix and add a layer of Glufix over it.
Your Price: : $10.99
PKS Standard 1/4" ID One Pump Hose Kit
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The PKS One Pump Hose Kit has all you need to replace the hoses and clips on your kite with an external one pump system. This kit works on most kites (except Airush, Blade, Epic, Gaastra which need larger diameter hose); only Naish kites with the internal Octopus valves and older kites where you pump each strut separately don't need hoses at all. Easy to use and fits like the original factory set. Choice of 3 or 5-strut kits.
Your Price: : $14.95
PKS High Flow 3/8" ID One Pump Hose Kit
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The PKS High Flow 3/8"(10mm) Inner Diameter One Pump Hose Kit has all you need to replace the hoses and clips on your kite with an external one pump system. This kit works on most newer kites with the larger diameter High Flow hoses and one pump valves. Choice of 3 or 5-strut kits.
Your Price: : $19.95 Microhook Braiding Kit
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With the Microhook braiding tool you can quickly fix a braided Spectra fly line on the spot. This kit includes a microhook braiding tool, instructions, and pigtail extender. Splicing Needle
Your Price: : $15.00 Bridle Repair Kit
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The FMK Bridle Repair Kit is the perfect accessory for you kite safari. With this kit you can make temporary repairs to keep your kite vacation going. A simple to use system for bridle repairs, this system uses a loop/loop bridle link and a single loop/knot bridle line. Combining the two, you can replace a bridle line on the beach without taking the entire bridle apart. Included: 2mm Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Line in your choice of 5,10 or 15 foot length Bridle Link
Your Price: : $15.00 Line Splicing Kit
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With the Line Splicing Kit you can quickly fix a braided Spectra fly line on the spot. This kit includes a Splicing Wire Tool, tool, instructions, pigtail extender and instructions.
Your Price: : $12.00 Line Sleeving Kit
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We have had many people ask us what they need to do about worn out sleeving ends or a broken line that's close to the end.  Using the Pre-Sleeve Kit and the following steps, you can easily replace your sleeved ends or shorten your fly lines and re-sleeve them anywhere you are to get you back on the water in no time.  
Your Price: : $7.99