Mounts for Paragliding

Flymount S1 Helmet Cam Adapter for iPhone
The Flymount S1 is the world's FIRST Low-Profile wide-angle action helmet cam adapter for iPhones. It features image rotation and widening for instantly shareable recordings in a water-resistant shockproof polycarbonate case and interchangeable liners to fit either iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 phones, AND iPod Touch 5 and 6.
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WizMount CU2 Pole
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Wizmount CU2Pole is a secure, stable stable platform for high quality shots from GoPro and other action cameras. The 45-degree angled design delivers a unique point-of-view (POV) and gives you a clean, unobstructed image. (Straight poles from other manufacturers tend to “creep” into every frame of the video.)    
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WizMount Waist Harness Kit
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The WizMount Waist Harness Kit is perfect for use with kitesurfing and Windsurfing. Use this hook/strap combo to keep the CU2Pack from riding up on your back while doing watersports with a waist harness. 
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WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit
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The WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit is the missing piece from a CU2Pack that would give you the flexibility to use it as a Pack or a Pole mounting system. Transform your CU2Pack to a CU2Pole. 
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CoPilot Cam V2
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New for 2015, the CoPilot Cam V2 (Version 2) has just been released and is a more durable, self-stabilizing version of the world's best fly-behind tether-mount camera system. It mounts on any paraglider or hang glider wing (where it will avoid wrap-ups) and follows your every move like your own personal videographer. If you want steady, follow-behind shooting off your wing that follows you through all the action without any extra work, the CoPilot Cam V2 is the mount for you.
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