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WOO 3.0 for Kite/Wake/Snow.
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Over the past three years Woo has learned, listened, and poured their hearts into what we do. They took everything you love about WOO and made it better. New features, new ways to play, and a complete redesign. Check out all the ways they?ve made WOO even more fun in the below video. The next chapter of WOO is here! Join an interactive game that connects riders around the world in kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and freeskiing with one main goal: to get out and play more. Recor...
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Woo 3.0 Mount
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Woo 3.0 Mount Session so hard you broke your board? Do you have a fleet of rides to take out? Get them all mounted up so you never have to worry about missing a session. The new 3.0 mount works for kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. Fully sealed case offers an added layer of protection for your WOO in the harshest conditions. Simply attach the adhesive, clip in your WOO, and go send it. Waterproof design Simple clip-in clamshell mount Compatible with...
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Overhead Surf Cap-Safe Retainer Lanyard
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OVHD - Overhead Surf - Cap-Safe Retainer The Hat Leash is finally here!  New from Overhead Surf is the Cap-Safe Retainer lanyard. Simply attached to your hat or cap and ensures that if it does get blown off your head, it stays with you. Keep your hat on your hat even in the windest conditions with a Hat Leash! New from Overhead Surf is the Cap-Safe Retainer lanyard. Simply attached to your hat or cap and ensures that if it does get blown off your head, it stays with you. Featu...
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PKS Kite Control Bar
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PKS Kite Control Bar Eva covered control bar with a polished center hole for smooth movement on chicken loop lines. Bar can be ordered with or without leader lines. Compatable with KISS system.
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PKS Full Carbon KISS Hydrofoil Bar v2 - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride
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PKS KISS Control System - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride After over 3 years of sevelopment and testing, we have finalized the ready to ride version of the KISS Kite Bar. The complete Ready 2 Ride bar includes the most requested features like the mini trim cleat and adjustable leader lines.
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PKS KISS Hydrofoil - Standard Bar - Complete Bar - Ready 2 Ride
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PKS KISS Control System - Complete Standard 45cm Bar - Ready 2 Ride Now available is a less expensive standard bar version. The complete Ready 2 Ride bar includes the most requested features like the mini trim cleat and standard leader lines.
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PKS EZ Leash Connect
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The PKS EZ Leash Connect is a simple way to add a connection point to any harness for kitesurfing or windsurfing. Just larkshead the webbing onto a strong convenient place, and you've got the perfect place to clip your safety leash.
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Ocean Rodeo Go Joe
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The unique hour glass design of the inflatable tube structure places the self righting buoyancy at a high pivot point. This distribution of flotation will power roll your board right side up if it lands foot straps down in the water, (foot straps down create drag, slowing the boards drift).
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PKS Kite Sand Weight Bag
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The PKS Kite Sand Weight Bag is an essential item for kiteboarders. You can use the sand weight bag to stop your kite from blowing away on a windy day, reduce wear on your kite sail by stopping fluttering when the kite is parked, and it can also be used for self launching. It also works great to self-launch a foil kite if you have a grassy launch spot.
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PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor
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The PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor is another true innovation in the world of kiteboarding and self-reliance. If you live in a place where you can't drive on the beach and there are no viable options to hook your self-launch tool to, this is the product for you.
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PKS Self-Launch Tool
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The PKS Self Launch Tool: We would like to introduce you to another innovative product that most everyone can use! This little tool is what every kiteboarder needs in their arsenal. For those days when everyone else is working and you find yourself alone at your favorite kite spot and no one to launch or land your kite. Now you're no longer limited to needing someone to launch or land your kite.
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PKS Lock Tube
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Spreader bar lock tube is great because it can work with ANY spreader bar!  This lock tube functions the same as lock tubes that come standard with most modern bar setups. Attach it to your spreader bar and you can use it with any depowerable kite even if the bar system does not have a lock tube, but ONLY for use with depowerable bow and SLE kites.   
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Ozone Wet Bag and Changing Mat
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The Ozone Wet Bag doubles as a changing mat and is perfect for changing on the go. Changing on the mat helps keep sand off your wetsuit and also keeps your car dry and less sandy from all the weat gear. Circular design has no seams to leak and heavy duty pull cord cinches the edge of the mat to enclose your wet gear.
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Hitch Safe - Trailer Hitch Lock Box
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The HitchSafe makes any kiteboarders life easier.  Figuring out what to do with the keys before going surfing or kiteboarding can be a big pain but we finally found a good affordable solution that only takes a couple minutes to install. To access your keys you simply release the Rubber dust cover (made to look like any normal Hitch Cover), enter in your personal 4 number dial combination...  
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KeyGuard Pro Key Safe
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The NEW KeyGuard Pro Key Safe is the professional’s choice because it offers a product that addresses professional’s demands. The KeyGuard Pro Key Box offers unique features such as the keypad and optional locking shackle. Along with this, is the large storage area which holds keys and cards. These features and others are offered at a price lower than leading competitive lockboxes.
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PKS Wetsuit Ankle Cuff Straps (Set of 2)
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The PKS Wetsuit Ankle Cuff Straps prevent water shooting up your wetsuit and filling the legs of your wetsuit. The 3/4" webbing makes the straps light-weight yet strong, and Velcro makes it quick and easy to adjust from 2" - 4" to fit any rider. Works on any wetsuit with full legs, old or new.
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PKS Changing Towel
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The PKS Changing Towel lets you quickly change clothes for your next kiteboarding session without waisting time or getting arrested for indecent exposure.  The simple design is hand-crafted in the U.S. and reinforced in all the right areas to make sure it lasts.  The Changing Towel also makes a great gift for any water sports enthusiast.     
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PKS Girls Changing Towel
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Although it's true that the majority of kiters are guys, we realize that there are a larger number of girls kiting today. So finally, after much pleading, we made a changing towel with colors in mind for a girl. Teal and magenta with white accents and a convenient hook to hang for easy drying.
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Dakine Hook Knife with Pouch
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Dakine's kiteboarding specific hook knife has 2 anonized-aluminum opposing blades for easy and instant cutting, and comes with easy-mounting sheath. w/sewn-in loop to mount to your harness, etc.    
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Dakine Power Belt Extender
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The Dakine Power Belt Extender adds extra length to your DaKine harness Power Belt. Add 4" to your power belt, this extension allows greater girth to fit DaKine harnesses that have the existing PowerBelt feature.
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