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2020 Crazyfly Chill Foil
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2020 Crazyfly Chill Allround foiling fun. FOIL. 115 x 44 / 130 x 46 Low volume allround foil board High nose, speed rocker Concave deck Easy to ride Chill is an easy to ride low volume allround foil board suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. With its compact size, high nose, and speed rocker, it provides good surface area for early planning and will get you up on the foil in no time. Concave deck provides easy handling of the board while the full deck fo...
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2020 Crazyfly Pure Foil Pocket Board
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Crazyfly Pure Foil Pocket Board, Micro Sized hydrofoil Board Designed with direct colaboration from Jeff Howard, the Pure Foil Pocket Boards are the lightest, smallest and the most Pure connection to a hydrofoil that you can get. The boards are manufactured with Pre-Preg Carbon for the lightest and strongest construction. At 88cm, the BIG board will fit inside some kite bags and easily fit into Foil travel bags with room to spare. Graphics and Deck Pads color may vary based on design...
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2020 Crazyfly F-Lite Foil
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2020 Crazyfly F-Lite Ultra small flight deck. FOIL. 99 x 44 / 115 x 44 / 130 x 46 Full carbon construction Ultra small, light weight High nose, speed rocker Easy to ride F-lite is a feather light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. It is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes. Riders who already know how to foil will appr...
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2019 Crazyfly F-Lite Foil Deck
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The Crazyfly 2019 F-Lite is the elite of the foil deck world: a feather-light, full carbon, ultra-small, and low-volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate its small size, low weight, and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil.
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Crazyfly Up Foil
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The Crazyfly Up foil is a full carbon allround freeride foil suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. It offers high maneuverability, medium top speed and great stability.
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Crazyfly Cruz Foil
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Building on our extensive knowledge and over twenty years of experience in working with carbon and stainless steel components, we are proud to introduce a brand new Cruz foil. The Cruz 690 is an easy to use accessible allround freeride foil for intermediate riders and riders looking to get into foiling. Progressing to the next foil levels is a joy on this foil. The Cruz 690 is a lower aspect ratio wing with high lift at low speeds and medium top speed levels. It offers great directional ...
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Crazyfly Shorty Foil
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Shorty is a full carbon allround freeride foil suitable beginners and intermediate riders. The shorter 71cm mast is forgiving during crashes and makes water starts much easier. It also helps beginners get up on the foil quicker. The Shorty is a great option for shallow water spots and having fun in the waves with its playful nature. The 590 front wing has the highest lift in our range for early take off at low speed and amazing stability. Plus, it goes upwind extremely well in low wind and ge...
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Crazyfly Master Foil
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The Crazyfly Master foil is a high-performance freerace foil aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. It offers high top speed, incredible upwind drive, and superior stability.
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Crazyfly Foil Strap
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Crazyfly Foil Straps are comfortable, asymmetric foot straps meant for foil or surf boards. This strap is asymmetric with the larger side of the strap oversized for additional support of your foot.
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