Single Board Bags

PKS Single Board Bag
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The PKS single board bags feature thick padding, a shoulder strap, and durable design to keep your kiteboard looking new. No more scratches and dings from tossing your board in the back of your truck. Protect your board with one of these PKS single board bags.
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Dakine Slider Single Board Bag
The Dakine Slider single board bag protects your board in the back of the truck or on the way to the beach. No one should have a kiteboard without a board bag, when you spend so much money on a nice board you should make sure it is protected.
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Crazyfly Single Surf Bag 6'2"
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CrazyFly's Surf Bag is designed to fit up to a 6'2" board with fins on and keep the dirt and heat off your beautiful board while protecting it from dings and damage.
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