KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit

KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit

KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit

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All in one kite repair kit. Whether travelling to an exotic location or heading down to your local spot, the KiteFix Complete Kit is an essential part of your kiteboarding gear that you don't want to leave home without! This kit will allow you to permanently and esthetically repair almost any tear, break, seal or leak you kite might have. You can fix up to an 8 foot canopy tear (color matched), up to a 6 foot long leading edge or strut repair, bladder leaks and valve repairs, often within the hour. Never miss another session! Choose the first and original DIY Complete Repair Kit. Made by Kiters, for Kiters, KiteFix's Complete Repair kit is a must have for your kiting gear. Don't leave home without it!

Included in an airtight plastic container:

  • 2 1oz. GluFix tubes
  • 2 self-adhesive Dacron rolls (4" each)
  • 7 FiberFix multi-color tapes (4" each)
  • 1 – Ultra-adhesive bladder patch (4" x 9")
  • 1 Talkine bottle (3 oz)
  • 1 GluFix applicator
  • 8 alcohol swabs
  • 3 tie raps
  • 1 detailed user's guide
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 marker
  • 1 plastic bag
  • 1 KiteFix 'lost board' sticker

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