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Aqua Azul

Aqua Azul watershades combine a nice snug fit and vented lenses into a cool but practical design. They feature extra-thick 1.1mm polarized lenses with anti-impact protection for toughness and 100% UV protection for maximum outdoor clarity. The light-weight Polycarbonate frame ends in non-slip rubber arm tips. Combine this with the nose pads and adjustable elastic strap, and you've got the perfect shades for water wear and outdoor use. Each pair comes with a carrying pouch that doubles as a glass cleaning cloth, and soft zipper cases are available as well. The zipper cases have a hook on one end and loops on the back for easy attachment in many ways. Low cost pricing and all the protection and comfort of glasses that cost 25% more!

AquaSeal (McNett)
Fix nearly anything Aquaseal. It is the industry standard for maximum strength repairs to tears and rips in your wet suits, dry suits, waders, dry bags, latex gaskets, and other outdoor gear. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals, and protects against abrasion.

Bravo Pumps provide a range of the best high quality hand, foot and electric pumps for inflatables.The Bravo 20-1 is the perfect pump for kiteboarders and helps you get on the water faster!


The Racer-Back Clamcleat is the most trusted cleat in Kiteboarding and used by many top brands such as Ozone. Amsteel/Chickenloop line can be woven through the back of cleat to secure it in place while the front side with the teeth is used as a depower cleat.

CrazyFly is a family business founded in 1999 and built on high quality manufacturing in the heart of Europe. CrazFly is the first and only kiteboarding brand producing all products in their own factory based in Europe.
Founded in Hawaii in 1979, Dakine builds harnesses, backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for people who love to surf, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, ski, windsurf, kiteboard and travel.
FixMyKite is the biggest name in kite repair, specializing in both repairs of kites and the development of effective and easy to use repair products to keep you on the water.
Flymount develops a line of mounts to allow cameras to be attached to any type of action sports equipment. The mounts can be attached windsurf rigs, rollbars, handlebars, bike frames, windsurf booms, SUP paddles, and much, much more.

Titanium is highly valued for its high tensile strength, as well as its light weight, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It's as strong as steel but 50% lighter giving it a greater Strength to Weight Ratio.

Genuine GoPro Accessories give you the most options for whatever your on-the-go filming application may be. Get all the action on the go, and attach it to nearly anything with GoPro accessories.
Hall Brothers
Hall has been developing simple, rugged, and reliable wind meters since 1976 for hang gliders, paragliders and ultralight aircraft as well as many other uses such as wind surfing, kite flying, and radio controlled model airplanes.
Hitchsafe (FJM Security)
FMJ Security supplies re-settable combination security devices with superior value, service, and innovation.
KiteFix specializes in kiteboarding equipment repairs with a complete range of products that are an effective, easy, and accessible way to quickly and solidly repair a tear, a broken valve, or whatever else damages that might result from a maneuver gone bad.
Ocean Rodeo
Ocean Rodeo is committed to performance, safety and innovation in the design and development of drysuits and kite equipment. More recently the comfort and advanced function of our drysuits has led to us to exciting new markets like surfing, SUP, sailing and commercial marine / cold water survival applications.

The Oceanus Eel Reel Leash...if you're gonna use a board leash...this is the only choice! The Oceanus Eel Reel Leash has a lightweight plastic housing which contains a stainless steel spring and spool of webbing with a stainless steel snap hook. Safer than traditional tubular leashes, because when separated from the board, the board will safely fall away from the kiter. This releases the webbing out up to 10', with enough torque from the spring system to control/eliminate slack - and the board sling-shoting back toward the kiter. Leash webbing stays coiled away in the housing and out of the way. The reel leash line won't drag in the water, wrap around the kiter or board, get caught between toes, or under the feet while moving around on the board.


The Onda Longa is the ideal longboard skateboard for cruising, carving, land paddling, and kite skating. It's an exhilarating longboard to ride that "feels" like riding waves on asphalt and is easy and fun to ride even if you've never been on a skateboard before.

The Longa's unique 7" diameter wheels float over cracks and small rocks that would stop smaller wheels while the flat profile and sharp edge tires provide excellent grip to the ground. The larger and dropped deck gives riders a wider and more stable stance. The deck is made of bamboo outside and Canadian maple inside with a layer of fiberglass for added stiffness for the perfect balance of flex, durability, and stiffness and and clear sand finished griptape on top.

Ozone is one of the world's leading manufacturers of kites and paragliders, created around a small but dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots. The Ozone team share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress. Their philosophy of riders building kites for riders, remains at the center of everything they do.
PKS Accessories

PKS Distrubution brings you all the kiteboarding accessories you need. Everything from Sand Weights and Sand Anchors to self launch tool and fly lines. Our universal pigtails are a must have for any kite bag and the new universal adjustable pigtails provice you with endless adjsutabiliy and versatility.

Ronstan is the first name in sailing hardware, rigging components, and accessories. They offer a full range of blocks, sheaves, travellers, furlers, rope cleats, stainless steel fittings, sheet and halyard winches and much more.

The Sensei trainer kite is the perfect trainer kite to get started in kiteboarding or traction kiting. This smaller kite and two-line control bar will teach you basic kite handling skills and also about the wind before you move up to a full-sized water, snow, or land kite. Trainer kites are fun and easy for anyone to fly. Take one to the park or beach with your family and friends or ower yourself down the sidewalk or in a parking lot on a skateboard. When the winds pick up a bit, trainer kites can deliver impressive speed and enough power to pull you down the beach.

Skywatch (JDC Electronics)
Based in Switzerland, JDC Electronic began developing and manufacturing measurement the Skywatch precision instruments for extreme sports.
Tear-Aid is made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion resistant, flexible elastomer that resists puncture and is combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated for high bond strength to create a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears.
WeatherFlow is a leader in the weather industry with over two decades of experience in applying the latest in observational, modeling, and forecasting technology.