Sensei Trainer Kite
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For 2016, the Sensei Trainer has been updated for better longevity with higher-stretch quality nylon. The Sensei is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite.  The Sensei Trainer easily relaunches, and is the most stable & smooth trainer out there!!  Comes complete with bag, bar, handle, and lines Ready To Fly!!!!! Available in assorted colors.
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Custom Logo Sensei Trainer
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Get your custom logo printed on the most popular trainer kite out there!!!!  Custom printing available on the top, bottom, sides and just about anywhere else you want on your custom Sensei trainer kite.  Custom printing on Sensei trainer kite bags also available.  Minimum quantity orders and setup fees apply.  Contact us for details.
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Sensei Trainer and Way To Fly DVD
Sensei trainer kites are the most user friendly trainers available.  Unlike all other trainer kites, Sensei's can be relaunched after a crash with the use of only 2 lines.  Way To Fly is the newest most up to date instructional DVD and covers everything from launching and landing to your first jump.    
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Sensei Trainer Wrist Leash
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A Sensei Trainer Wrist Leash is the easiest way to avoid damaging a trainer while keeping it securely attached to your wrist.  High-strength webbing and bungee are attached to 1200 lbs.-test end-loops, and are secured around the user's wrist by a 2" velcro cuff.  
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HQ Trainer Kite Lines - 30m - 220 lbs
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 HQ trainer lines are rated to 220 pounds and made from pre-stretched Dyneema. Purple line color makes these lines highly visibile. Stitched loops on both ends ensure easy larkshead connection to any trainer kite out there including HQ, Slingshot, Sensei, Ozone, Liquid Force, Best, Cabrinha, North, Airush, Naish, etc. Trainer kites are typically from 1m to 4m (as in square meters) in size. Specs: 220 lbs. test strength 30m length, Pre-stretched Dyneema Sleev...
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PKS Trainer Kite Lines (200 lbs)
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PKS Trainer Kite Lines fly above the rest.  PKS trainer lines are 200 lbs. blue lines for high-visibility, and made from Pre-stretched Spectra to the standard trainer line length of 20 meters.  Stitched loops on both ends ensure easy larkshead connection to any trainer kite brand out there. CUSTOM LENGTHS available.
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