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Fly Lines & Extensions
Fly Lines for Kiteboarding and trainer kites, including the ability to do CUSTOM line sets, line ends, and lengths on PKS 700 lbs. spectra line in linesets and extensions. Also Q-PowerLine can now be made into custom sets; it's the only line designed specifically for kitesailing applications.
Bridle & Other Lines

PKS Bridle lines, chickenloop lines, depower lines, leader lines, and more offer you the highest quality spectra and dyneema lines that are the same or better as most any kite brand comes with from the factory. We carry the largest variety of after-market kite lines for every part of a kitesuring kite.

Pigtails & Pulleys

Ronstan standard kite pulleys and Ronstan Orbit blocks can be sold as just the blocks, or with a large variety of standard or Custom pigtails attached to them. Universal, kook-proof, and Custom Pigtail sets also.