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Skywatch Atmos Windmeter Anemometer: Wind Speed, Temperature, Humidity
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Designed specifically for the agricultural and scientific markets, the Skywatch Atmos measures wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity, with calculations for windchill and dewpoint.  The Atmos is simple to use, accurate, and dependable; and the hygrometer never needs calibration, maintaining its high accuracy over the life of the product.    CARRYING POUCH INCLUDED  
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Skywatch Flowatch Flowmeter
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The Flowatch by JDC Electronics is a top-qualtiy precision instrument that measures the flow of almost any liquid or gaseous medium. SWISS-made like all their products, the Flowatch is a competitively priced instrument and acts as a flowmeter and thermometer, having been developed for use under challenging circumstances. Because of its different impellers, you can use it to measure almost any liquid or gaseous medium.
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Skywatch Wind Warning System Kit 3
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This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds.  It consists of a display unit of the wind force, with a 4 programmable warning thresholds, and a multidirectional turbine (wind sensor) enabling measurement of the wind in the horizontal plane and in the vertical as well.  
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