Q-PowerLine Pro - Hobie Kayak / Surf Ski Rudder Line by the Foot

Q-PowerLine Pro - Hobie Kayak / Surf Ski Rudder Line by the Foot

Q-PowerLine Pro - Hobie Kayak / Surf Ski Rudder Line by the Foot

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Q-PowerLine Pro for Hobie Kayak / Surf Ski Rudder Line by the Foot

Q-PowerLine Pro represents over 5 years of research and development to engineer the ultimate fly line specifically engineered for kiteboarding and power kite applications. The unique construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000 fiber encased in an extremely tight braided Spectra 2000 sheath. The resulting line exhibits the ideal characteristics for kiting: almost zero stretch means minimal length adjustments and incredible kite "feel" when flying, no sleeving required makes it easy to produce custom sets, self-lubrication ensures minimal friction during line wraps, a round cross-section minimizes parasitic wind-drag increasing both the kites forward speed and response to pilot input, a tight external braid reduces dirt abrasion, and a higher modulus (stiffness) than traditional lines almost totals eliminates line tendency to tangle. Proprietary coating technology allows high-visibility lines in a variety of colors with even coatings that resist the tendency to fade and rub off.

What makes Q-PowerLine Pro better than traditional woven Spectra fly lines? Traditional fly lines are made from a woven Spectra that over time that will allow water, salt, sand, and other grime to penetrate into the woven fibers and when the line is put under load again its max length will be shorter compared to a brand new line due to all the particles embedded in the line fiber. Q-PowerLine Pro lines are made from a linear core fiber that is surrounded by a protective jacket. The protective jacket is an extremely tight woven braid that does not allow for dirt or salt particles to get imbedded in the core of the line. Also, since the internal line fibers are linear, there is no woven line to "settle" to a shorter length since there is no weave if any dirt particules do make it inside the weave. These properties dramatically increase the life-span of the line for normal kite-flying use. Additionally, Q-PowerLine Pro has an amazing feature that you CAN TIE KNOTS in it without any loss of strength! With traditional woven Spectra fly lines, a knot in the line will weaken its strength by half.

The latest generation of Q-PowerLine Pro utilizes a new thinner, stronger Spectra fiber to further improve on the time-proven superior features of standard Q-PowerLine. Q-PowerLine Pro is 30% thinner than standard Q-PowerLine for even lower drag, more resistant to stretch with stronger impact strength, a smoother "hand" makes it much more "kink" resistant, and it features a new surface treatment for a slipperier finish allowing more wraps without binding.

Simply put, Q-PowerLine Pro is the best combination of fiber, overbraid, strength, longevity, anti-tangling, and drag-reduction ever produced for kitesurfing and power kite applications.


  • Spectra 2000 Linear Fiber for the highest strength/weight ratio
  • Round braid line with linear core minimizes drag with almost zero percent stretch
  • High modulus (stiffness) reduces tangling, especially in the water
  • Unique, extremely tight overbraid increases stiffness, resists dirt pickup, and allows for tying knots to adjust length without weakening line
  • PU Coated, it's self-lubricating for smooth action
  • 1000lb

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