3mm Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Line

3mm Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Line

3mm Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Line

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3mm Bridle Line is a SHEATHED line that's extra durable, typically for use where pulleys run continually along lines and wear them down. Crazyfly, Airush, and Cabrinha are among the major brands using this line as standard on their kites now. 3mm Pulley Line is a highly abrasion resistant high-quality Dyneema line that will take the abuse, but they also are becoming very common with pulleys due to the fact that the line will not flatten out under load, so your pulley always runs smoothly. This helps your kite turn smoothly for the best in a direct-control feeling your kite can provide.

Rated for use as a kite bridle.

Additional Notes for Custom Lengths:

  1. Measure your line from end to end, including the loops
  2. Round up from your measurement to the next foot and select that measurement from the dropddown menu. For example: if your bridle measures 2 feet 3 inches, select 3 feet
  3. Enter the exact length that you need your bridle in the text box (example 12' 4").
  4. Choose no loops, 1 loop, or 2 loops (a loop on both ends)
    *Note: If you are ordering to have a backup bridle on hand, simply order a foot longer than your longest bridle and select a loop on one end.

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