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GoPro Floaty Backdoor
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Easy to spot flotation backdoor lets your HD HERO camera float in water. Industrial strength 3M adhesive backing attaches the floaty directly to the HD HERO waterhousing backdoor. A spare HD HERO waterhousing backdoor is included. 


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GoPro Wall Charger
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Charge up to two GoPro cameras, 2X as fast, in any wall socket in the world.

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GoPro Smart Remote
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Control your GoPro remotely from distances of up to 600’ (180m) with this wearable, waterproof remote.

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GoPro Helmet Front Mount
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Allows for low-profile positioning of your camera on the front of your helmet, like a headlamp. Also extends out in front of the helmet so you can turn the camera back on yourself for self-portrait videos and photos.

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GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount
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Compatible with all GoPro quick-release cameras including the Helmet HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO, Surf HERO, and WIDE HERO cameras. NOT compatible with the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera. 

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GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts
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If you want to expand your mounting options for you Motorsports HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO, Helmet HERO WIDE, Surf HERO, or Wide HERO camera…this bag will set you up. It includes 1 flat surface base plate, 1 curved base plate, a thumb knob and stainless steel hardware, 1 quick release buckle, 1 pivot arm assembly, 1 quick-release vibration plug, 1 leash tether, and a vertical J mount for mounting your camera on a vertical wall surface like a car bumper, wall, back of helmet, or sim...

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GoPro Flat Mounts
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Attach your GoPro camera to flat surfaces with these industrial-strength waterproof-adhesive mounts from GoPro. Can be removed with heat (from heat gun or hairdryer) if necessary.

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GoPro Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts
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Attach your GoPro camera to flat and curved surfaces with these industrial strength waterproof adhesive mounts. Can be removed when heat (from a hairdryer) is applied.

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GoPro 3-Way Mount
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The GoPro 3-Way mount is ultra versatile mount can be used three main ways: as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod.  The folding arm is perfect for POV or follow-cam footage, and makes it easy to capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot. When detached from the arm, the handle doubles as a camera grip. Stored inside the handle is a lightweight, mini tripod that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle. Expands to 20" (50.8cm), collapses to 7...

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GoPro Chest Mount
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Chest harness for your quick-release HERO camera. Makes it easy to capture immersive video and photo footage from, well…your chest. Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports, or any activity where you want to get a “lower than the helmet” view of the action. 

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GoPro Jaws Flex Mount
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With the Jaws: Flex Clamp for GoPro, Clamp your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 0.25" to 2" (0.6cm to 5cm) in diameter. Attach your camera directly to the clamp for low-profile mounting, or use the optional neck to achieve a wider range of camera-angle adjustability. Jaws securely grips irregular shapes and super slim objects thanks to its innovative design.

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GoPro Auto Charger
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Charge your HD HERO camera(s) while on the go: Dual USB port quickly charges up to two cameras at once

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GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts
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Prevent your camera’s housing from fogging, even in cold temperatures/humid environments. Great value and performance: includes 3 sets of anti-fog inserts. Each set lasts 4-5 uses and can be dried in an oven (3 minutes) and used again. What’s Included:
3 Sets of Anti-Fog Inserts

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