CrazyFly Kites

2017 Crazyfly Sculp
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The 2017 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range and ease of use.

Your Price: : $1,160.00
2017 Crazyfly Tango
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The 2017 Crazyfly Tango is a high performance freeride and wave kite for advanced to expert riders. The Tango is a modern open C-shape kite with lots of pull, power and pop. The new Tango loves boosting and floaty jumps with amazing hang time. It turns quickly with predictable power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go. Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the Tango provides amazing upwind abilities.

Your Price: : $1,200.00
2017 Crazyfly Cruze
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Your Price: : $1,750.00
2017 Crazyfly Sick Bar
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Your Price: : $520.00
Crazyfly Rookie Trainer Kite by Sensei

The Rookie is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite.  The Rookie Trainer easily relaunches, and is the most stable & smooth trainer out there!! Comes complete with bag, bar, handle, and lines Ready To Fly!!!!!

Your Price: : $149.95