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We have a huge variety of Kiteboarding accessories and repair supplies. This includes all Crazyfly kiteboarding gear, Sensei, GoJoes, Oceanus Reel Leashes, PKS accessories, Onda Skateboards, Dakine, Hitchsafe, and more.

Kite Repairs

We have anything you need for Kite Repairs from valves and bladders to lines, pulleys, tape, glue, and other tools to do any Do-It-Yourself repair possible. We also do CUSTOM lines, extensions, pigtails, leader lines, and more. Products from and Kitefix, plus many PKS accessories.

Lines & Line Accessories

PKS Line items include Fly Lines, Leader Line, Pigtails, pulleys, chicken loop rope, etc.


Crazyfly and Dakine bags for all your travel needs. Golf bags with and without wheels, single board bags for twintips and surfboards, kite compression bags, Airline travel bags, coolers, and more. If you need a kite bag or otherwise, we are your source.

Cameras and Mounts

Camera Mounts for GoPro and many other cameras from the hottest Action Sports mount brands around like Flymount, WizMount, SKORD, and PKS.

Weather Instruments

Weather instruments of all levels including many types of hand-held, mountable, and iPhone/Android windmeters, as well as advanced instruments like flowmeters, porosimeters, speedometers, wind warning systems, air warning systems, and more. Weather instruments by JDC Electronics (Skywatch), WeatherFlow, and Hall Brothers.


Crazyfly kiteboards means "Quality you can trust," and right now the highest quality 2014, 2013, and 2012 boards and 2014 kites are on sale while supplies last.

All Products

This category has ALL accessory products for a vast overview of what PKS Distribution carries. It may be easier to find something in the subcategories above, though.