The Way To Fly Instructional DVD
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The Way to Fly DVD is an outstanding Instructional Kiteboarding Video. Now in an updated new edition just out in January 2015, Version 2 is a Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding Instruction, featuring Chris Moore, a Master Examiner and professional kiteboard instructor since 2000.

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Progression Intermediate Volume 2 DVD
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If you're an intermediate kiteboarder, this is the ultimate tool to guide you to the next level. The best instruction around for learning back loops, front loops, and transitions - the core repertoire of the mid-level kiter.

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Progression Advanced DVD
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Fat Sand Productions are getting ready to take you the next step in your Kiteboarding Progression. Following on from the huge success of Progression: Beginner & Intermediate, it’s now time for us to focus our attentions on guiding everyone on to advanced freestyle and freeriding tricks. 

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Progression Professional DVD
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This DVD covers 23 tricks, across 7 different families of tricks, and as always we break down each one into easily understood and replicated stages. 

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