WizMount CU2 Pole

WizMount CU2 Pole
WizMount CU2 Pole
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Built from a light and strong aluminum alloy, the CU2Pole by WizMount is a secure, stable platform for high quality shots from GoPro and other action cameras. The 45-degree angled design delivers a unique point-of-view (POV) and gives you a clean, unobstructed image. (Straight poles from other manufacturers tend to “creep” into every frame of the video.) With the 3-axis mount assembly, you can take shots in any angle and direction while comfortably holding the CU2pole in a natural way using its specially designed ergonomic handle. It includes a special telescopic mechanism, allowing you to adjust shooting distances from 54cm to 77cm (21″ to 30″). With an optional boom pole extension (sold separately), you can capture self-shot video at distances up to 108cm (42″) away, allowing you to get even more of the surrounding action in the frame. The CU2pole is 100% compatible with other Wizmount products, making it easy to upgrade to the CU2pack backpack mount and CU2rack platform-secured mount when the time is right.

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