Trace Action Sports Tracker

Trace Action Sports Tracker
Trace Action Sports Tracker
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Trace - The World's Most Advanced Action Sports Tracker.  Review session with GPS maps, wave count, top speed, calories burned, and biggest turn, then auto edit footage all from one device.

Get in-depth information about your sessions. Trace gives you an incredible set of stats and analysis features that tell you everything you need to fine-tune your riding. All of your surfing and paddling will be automatically seperated with GPS maps of your waves color coded for speed. Trace will also tell you about your bottom and top turns, and how much speed you generate, along with airs, max speed, paddle distance, calories burned and so much more. Trace also changes what it measures whether you are wakeboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or SUPing to make sure you see every pass, every turn, every air, for every session.

Incredible accuracy. With a combination of a 9-axis IMU and GPS, Trace is the most accurate tracker available on the market. When compared to the accuracy of just using an iPhone, you can see the obvious difference between the two. Your iPhone was never meant to accurately track 40mph sessions and 20 foot jumps, but Trace was born for that. Trace’s ability to pinpoint every detail of your session is unparalleled.

Automatically edit your footage. Love the idea of taking video with a GoPro or other recording device, but never have time to go through all that footage? Drag all of your clips into the Trace Video app and Trace will automatically edit them for you. No more sifting through hours of footage just to find a few good rides, Trace does all the work. Just sync your camera with the mobile app before you head out, and when you get back, upload the raw footage to our Trace Video app. In the time it takes you to get changed, all your footage will be organized into individual clips of just your riding — with color correction, stats overlay, and easy shareability.


  • Multi-Sport functionality: kiteboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, windsurf, SUP, Kayak - skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and many more
  • All-day Battery Life means no more worrying about running out of juice, Trace has internal battery that lasts all day
  • 10x More Accuracy than any smartphone GPS
  • 9 Sensors accurately track every movement of your board with centimeter precision
  • 100% Water Proof and built to withstand any terrain
  • Auto GoPro Editing overlays live data directly onto your footage


  • Trace action tracker
  • Board mount with industrial, waterproof 3M adhesive
  • Charging base with cable

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