Flymount Universal Camera Mount

Flymount Universal Camera Mount
Flymount Universal Camera Mount
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The Flymount Generation 4 Original mount is even lighter and stronger for the best version yet, and comes GoPro-ready to be automatically usable with the most popular Action Video camera in the world. The original action camera mount and best high-impact mount in the world. The FlyMount original mount was developed for high-impact applications for windsurfing, but now enjoys a wide variety of uses such as motocross, mountain bikes, buggies, blokarts, and more. Built from 316 marine-grade stainless steel and glass-reinforced nylon, its Ultra-lightweight and non slip attachment allows for variable pole diameters and holds any type of camera out there.

The mount that goes where others don't. From Cloud Break to the Arctic Circle, on everything from roll bars to windsurf rigs. The Versatility and extreme durability of this proven design make it the choice for action photographers and film makers across the world.

Lighter. Stronger. Better. We started making mast and boom mounts for windsurfers in 2006, and evolved our design into the world's very first action camera mount. Our mounts have always been made tough and light to provide bomb proof attachments to action sports equipment without the weight of a heavy metal clamp. The 4th Generation Flymount Original is lighter, stronger and better than ever.

Versatile. We've continually improved and refined the Flymount Original over the years to ensure that it remains the very best action camera mount on the market, with the ability to fix almost anywhere. Our mounting system is fully interchangeable to work with all cameras, and fully adjustable, to capture the perfect view point.

Compact and Mighty. Pocket sized, and weighing just 143g, these mounts have incredible resistance to saltwater, high levels of UV, and extremes of temperature They can also hold a staggering 80kg of hanging weight. No other product comes close to offering the same combination of strength, versatility and low weight. If you want your camera to stay in place, use a Flymount.

Built to last. Designed and built to last a lifetime. Every Flymount product is made in the UK from premium materials only. We take great care and pride in our manufacturing, to ensure that your Flymount is worth every penny you pay for it.

GoPro Ready. Comes ready with GoPro mount, but can easily take the 1/4" Tripod mount or Compact Camera Mount (Anti-Twist Mount).

Comes with Leash The Flymount automatically comes with a leash to retain your camera if it should come off the mount.

Adaptable Range of Clamp

  • 20mm to 40mm (0.79 - 1.57") when pushed directly onto an object
  • 20mm to 48mm (0.79 - 1.89") when slid onto an object


  • Bare Weight (without mounting plate): 166g / 5.87oz
  • Standard Tripod Mount: 3g / 0.1oz
  • Universal Base Plate: 11g / 0.32oz
  • GoPro Adapter: 9g / 0.14oz
  • Base Plate Screw: 4g / 0.14oz


  • Main Body: glass reinforced nylon 66
  • Engineered Metal Parts: Marine grade stainless steel 316
  • Mounting Pads & Jaw Liners: 65 durometer urethane

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