2018 Crazyfly Master Foil

2018 Crazyfly Master Foil
2018 Crazyfly Master Foil
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The Crazyfly Master Foil is made with the most advanced composite technology – prepreg Autoclave. Prepreg carbon fiber composites always have the perfect ratio of resin spread evenly and create the best molecular bonding. Prepreg composite lamination is a dry process, as prepreg carbon fiber composites are stored cold. Then they are CNC knife cut and hand placed into the mold. The Autoclave ensures correct pressure and heat are applied for a very specific time frame. This results in by far the best strength to weight ratio which is essential for high performance foils. Of course, all foil products are produced in Europe.

When designing our foils, we also though about travel and storage convenience, so our mounting system is very simple and quick to assemble and take apart.

MAST: 101 cm Carbon
FRONT WING: 558 mm wingspan, 560 cm2 surface area Carbon
REAR WING: 330 mm wingspan, 218 cm2 surface area Carbon
FUSELAGE: 64cm Aluminium
WEIGHT: 3.0 kg  
4-HOLE PLATE 165 x 90 mm hole spacing  


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